Alkali-free fiberglass yarn cable braiding

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Fiberglass yarn is a fine filamentary material made from glass fibers. It is widely used in a variety of industries and applications because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and insulating properties.

  • Model Number: Glass Fiber Fine Yarns Electronic Yarns Industrial Yarns Bulky Yarns
  • Ingredients: Alkali-free
  • Use: Used in copper laminates, electrical and electronic, aerospace, insulation
  • Performance Characteristics: Soft touch, good flexibility, good permeability, good electrical insulation, good strength
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    Product Description:
    Fiberglass spunlace is a fine filamentary material made of glass fibers. It has high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and insulating properties, so it is widely used in various industries and applications.

    Fiberglass Yarn

    Fabrication Process:
    The making of glass fiber roving involves melting the glass particles or raw materials into a molten state and then stretching the molten glass into fine fibers through a special spinning process. These fine fibers can be further used for weaving, braiding, reinforcing composites, etc.


    Characteristics and Properties:
    HIGH STRENGTH: The very high strength of fine glass fiber yarns makes it ideal for manufacturing composites with superior strength.
    Corrosion Resistance: It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, which makes it suitable for a number of corrosive environments.
    High Temperature Resistance: Fiberglass spunlace retains its strength and stability at high temperatures, making it widely used in high temperature applications.
    Insulating Properties: It is an excellent insulating material for electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing.

    Construction and building materials: It is used to strengthen building materials, heat insulation of external walls, waterproofing of roofs and so on.
    Automotive industry: used in the manufacture of automotive parts, improve vehicle strength and lightweight.
    Aerospace industry: used in the manufacture of aircraft, satellite and other structural components.
    Electronic and electrical equipment: used in the manufacture of cable insulation, circuit boards and so on.
    Textile industry: for the manufacture of fire-resistant, high temperature textiles.
    Filtration and insulation materials: used in the manufacture of filters, insulation materials, etc..
    Fiberglass yarn is a versatile material with properties that make it suitable for many different applications, from construction to industry to scientific research. application

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