• Active Carbon Fiber Fabric

    Active Carbon Fiber Fabric

    1.It can not only adsorb the organic chemistry substance, but also can filtrate the ash in air, having the characteristics of stable dimension, low air resistance and high absorption ability.
    2.High specific surface area, high strength, many small pore, large electric capacity, small air resistance, not easy to pulverize and lay and long life time.
  • Activated Carbon Fiber-Felt

    Activated Carbon Fiber-Felt

    1.It is made of natural fiber or artificial fiber non-woven mat through charring and activation.
    2.The main component is carbon, piling up by carbon chip with big specific surface-area(900-2500m2/g), pore distribution rate ≥ 90% and even aperture.
    3.Compared with granular active carbon, the ACF is of bigger absorbing capacity and speed, easily regenerate with less ash, and of good electric performance, anti-hot, anti-acid, anti-alkali and good at forming.