• PP Honeycomb Core Material

    PP Honeycomb Core Material

    Thermoplastic honeycomb core is a new type of structural material processed from PP/PC/PET and other materials according to the bionic principle of honeycomb. It has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, green environmental protection, waterproof and moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, etc.
  • Fiberglass Rock Bolt

    Fiberglass Rock Bolt

    GFRP(Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rock bolts are specialized structural elements used in geotechnical and mining applications to reinforce and stabilize rock masses. They are made of high-strength glass fibers embedded in a polymer resin matrix, typically epoxy or vinyl ester.
  • FRP foam sandwich panel

    FRP foam sandwich panel

    FRP foam sandwich panels are mainly used as building materials widely used in construction projects, common FRP foam panels are magnesium cement FRP bonded foam panels, epoxy resin FRP bonded foam panels, unsaturated polyester resin FRP bonded foam panels, etc. These FRP foam panels have the characteristics of good stiffness, light weight and good thermal insulation performance, etc.
  • FRP Panel

    FRP Panel

    FRP (also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, abbreviated as GFRP or FRP) is a new functional material made of synthetic resin and glass fiber through a composite process.
  • FRP sheet

    FRP sheet

    It is made of thermosetting plastics and reinforced glass fiber, and its strength is greater than that of steel and aluminum.
    The product will not produce deformation and fission at ultra-high temperature and low temperature, and its thermal conductivity is low. It is also resistant to aging, yellowing, corrosion, friction and easy to clean.
  • FRP Door

    FRP Door generation environmental-friendly and energy-efficiency door, more excellent than previous ones of wood, steel, aluminum and plastic. It is composed of high strength SMC skin, polyurethane foam core and plywood frame.
    energy-saving, eco-friendly,
    heat insulation, high strength,
    light weight, anti-corrosion,
    good weatherability, dimensional stability,
    long life span, varied colors etc.