Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat for Automotive Interiors

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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat products are widely used in chemical anti-corrosion pipes, refrigerated car boxes, car roofs, high-voltage insulating materials, reinforced plastics, as well as boats, sanitary ware, seats, flower pots, building components, recreational appliances, plastic statues and other glass fiber reinforced plastic products products with high strength and flat appearance.

  • Raw Material: Alkali-free glass fiber, binder
  • Binder Type: Powder or emulsion
  • Gram Weight: 100 ~ 600
  • Coil Diameter: 28cm
  • Width: Conventional 1040mm, up to 3200mm
  • Roll Weight: 20kg ~30kg
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    Glass Fiber Chopped Mat for Automotive Interior Parts
    The glass fiber chopped mat is made of continuous glass fiber chopped randomly and uniformly without direction and bonded by powder or emulsion binder.

    Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat-2

    1. Isotropic, uniform distribution, excellent mechanical properties.
    2. Easily adsorbed resin, products with smooth surface, good sealing, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
    3. Good heat resistance of products
    4. Good resin penetration, fast penetration speed, accelerate the curing speed, improve production efficiency.
    5. Good molding performance, easy to cut, convenient construction for the production of more complex shape of the product

    This variety of glass fiber chopped mat is the special glass fiber material which is specially improved and produced for the automobile parts manufacturing field by our company. Among them, 100-200g is low weight felt, which is mainly used for the lightweight design of automobile headliner, carpet and other parts. 300-600g is PHC process felt, which is tightly bonded with the corresponding glue material, with the finished product having a smooth and flawless surface, and can provide strong mechanical properties.


    This product can be sold in rolls or cut to custom sizes to be shipped in sheets upon request.
    Shipped in rolls: each roll is packed in cartons and then palletized, or palletized and then surrounded by cardboard.

    Ships in tablets: about 2,000 tablets to a pallet.

    Ships in tablets

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