• Fiberglass Yarn

    Fiberglass Yarn

    Fiberglass yarn is a fiberglass twisting yarn.Its high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, moisture absorption, good electrical insulating performance, used in weaving, casing, mine fuse wire and cable coating layer, the winding of electric machines and appliances insulating material, various machine weaving yarn and other industrial yarn.
  • E-glass Assembled Panel Roving

    E-glass Assembled Panel Roving

    1.For continuous panel molding process is coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with unsaturated polyester.
    2.Delivers light weight, high strength and high impact strength,
    and is designed to manufacture transparent panels and mats for tansparent panels.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up

    1.Good runnability for spraying operation,
    .Moderate wet-out speed,
    .Easy roll-out,
    .Easyremoval of bubbles,
    .No spring back in sharp angles,
    .Excellent mechanical properties

    2.Hydrolytic resistance in parts,suitable for high-speed spray-up process with robots
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For Filament Winding

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Filament Winding

    1.Specially designed for FRP filament winding process, compatible with unsaturated polyester.
    2.Its final composite product delivers excellent mechanical property,
    3.Mainly used to manufacture storage vessels and pipes in petroleum, chemical and mining industries.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For SMC

    E-glass Assembled Roving For SMC

    1.Designed for class A surface and structural SMC process.
    2.Coated with a high performance compound sizing compatible with unsaturated polyester resin
    and vinyl ester resin.
    3.Compared with traditional SMC roving,It can deliver high glass content in SMC sheets and has good wet-out and excellent surface property .
    4.Used in automotive parts, doors ,chairs, bathtubs, and water tanks and sporrts apparatus
  • Direct Roving For LFT

    Direct Roving For LFT

    1.It is coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with PA, PBT, PET, PP, ABS, PPS and POM resins.
    2.Widely used in industries of automotive, electromechanical, home appliance, building & construction, electronic & electrical, and aerospace
  • Direct Roving For CFRT

    Direct Roving For CFRT

    It is used for CFRT process.
    Fiberglass yarns were outside unwound from the bobbins on the shelf and then arranged in the same direction;
    Yarns were dispersed by tension and heated by hot air or IR;
    Molten thermoplastic compound was provided by an extruder and impregnated the fiberglass by pressure;
    After cooling, the final CFRT sheet was formed.
  • Direct Roving For Filament Winding

    Direct Roving For Filament Winding

    1.It is compatible with unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.
    2.Main uses include manufacture of FRP pipes of various diameters, high-pressure pipes for petroleum transitions, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and,insulation materials such as utility rods and insulation tube.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For GMT

    E-glass Assembled Roving For GMT

    1.Coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with PP resin.
    2.Used in the GMT needed mat process.
    3.The end-use applications:automotive acoustical inserts,building & construction,chemical,packing and transportation low density components.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For Thermoplastics

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Thermoplastics

    1.Coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with multiple resin systems
    such as PP、AS/ABS,especially reinforcing PA for good hydrolysis resistant.
    2.Typically designed for twin-screw extrusion process to manufacture thermoplastic granules.
    3.Key applications include railway track fastening pieces、automotive parts,elactrical & electronic applications.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For Centrifugal Casting

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Centrifugal Casting

    1.Coated with a silane-based sizing, compatible with unsaturated polyester resins.
    2.It is a proprietary sizing formulation applied using a special manufacturing process which together result in an extremely fast wet-out speed and very low resin demand.
    3.Enable maximum filler loading and therefore the lowst cost pipe manufacture.
    4.Mainly used to manufacture Centrifugal Casting pipes of various specifications
    and some special Spay-up processes.
  • E-glass Assembled Roving For Chopping

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Chopping

    1.Coated with special silane-based sizing,compatible with UP and VE, delivering relatively high resin absorbability and excellent choppability,
    2.Final composite products deliver superior water resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.
    3.Typically used to manufacture FRP pipes.
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