0/90 degree Basalt Fiber Biaxial Composite Fabric

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Basalt fiber is a kind of continuous fiber drawn from natural basalt, the color is usually brown. Basalt fiber is a new type of inorganic environmentally friendly green high-performance fiber material, which is composed of silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide and titanium dioxide and other oxides. Basalt continuous fiber is not only high strength, but also has a variety of excellent properties such as electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.

  • Material: Basalt Fiber
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Thickness: lightweight
  • Technics: woven
  • Density: 2.75*2.25cm
  • Knitted Type: Warp
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    Product Introduction
    Basalt fiber multiaxial warp knitting composite fabric is made of untwisted roving arranged in parallel at 0° and 90° or +45° and -45°, compounded with a layer of short-cut fiber raw silk, or a layer of PP sandwich in the middle of the two layers, and warp knitted by polyester yarn needle spines.

    090 degree Biaxial Basalt Fiber Fabric Building Reinforcement

    Product Performance
    Good fabric uniformity, not easy to shift.
    Structure can be designed, good permeability.
    High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.


    Product Specification

    BLT1200 (0°/90°)-1270
    Resin fit type
    UP 、E P、V E
    Fiber diameter (mm)
    Fiber density (tex))
    Warp density (root/cm)
    Weft density (root/cm)
    Warp breaking strength (N/50mm)
    Weft breaking strength (N/50mm)
    Standard width (mm)
    Other weight specifications (customizable)


    1. Highway reinforcement against cracks
    2. Suitable for shipbuilding, large steel structure and electric power maintenance on-site welding, gas cutting protective articles, fireproof cloth enclosure.
    3. Textile, chemical industry, metallurgy, theater, military and other ventilation fire prevention and protection products, fire helmets, neck protection fabrics.
    4. Basalt fiber two-way cloth is a non-combustible material, under the action of 1000 ℃ flame, does not deform, does not burst, can play a protective role in the humidity, steam, smoke, chemical gas-containing environment. It is also suitable for fire suit, fire curtain, fire blanket and fireproof bag.

    High Performance Basalt Biaxial fabric

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