Manufacturer Supply Heat Resistant Basalt Biaxial Fabric +45°/45°

short description:

Basalt fiber Biaxial Fabric is made of basalt glass fibers and special binder by weaving, with excellent strength, high tensile strength, low water absorption and good chemical resistance, is mainly used for automobile crushed body, power poles, ports and harbors, engineering machinery and equipment, such as fixing and protection, but also can be used in ceramics, timber, glass, and other industries of protection and decoration.

  • Surface Treatment: Coated
  • Processing Service: Cutting
  • Application: Reinforced Building
  • Material: Basalt
  • Type: +45°/45° Biaxial
  • Feature: High Temperature Resistance
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    Product Description
    Basalt fiber biaxial seam weave is made of basalt untwisted roving,+45°/45°arrangged,and sewn with polyester suturrs. Short cut felt stitching can also be selected according to the purpose, The width is 1m and 1.5m, other widths can be customized; the length is 50m and 100m.

    basalt fiber fabric

    Product Characteristics

    • Fireproof, high temperature resistance of 700 degrees Celsius;
    • Anti-corrosion (good chemical stability: acid and alkali resistance, water erosion resistance);
    • High strength (tensile strength around 2000MPa);
    • No weathering,no shrinkage;
    • Good temperature adaptability, anti-cracking and anti-subsidence properties.


    Product Specification

    Resin fit type
    UP 、E P、V E
    Fiber diameter(mm)
    Fiber density(tex))
    +45 density(Root/cm)
    -45 density (Root/cm)
    Tensile strength(Laminate)Mpa
    Standard width (mm)
    Other weight specifications (customizable)

    Product Application
    The product is mainly used in fields such as ships, automobiles, wind power, construction, medical treatment, sports, aviation, national defense, etc. It has advantages such as lightweight, high-strength, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, and low moisture absorption.


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