Fiberglass needle mat shaped parts heat insulation and high temperature resistance

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Fiberglass needle felt shaped parts are a kind of special shaped fiber products made of glass fiber as raw material by needle-punching process.

  • Model: Customizable
  • Grade: Grade E
  • Item No.: Shaped Piece
  • Composition: Alkali-free
  • Usage: Available on request
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    Product Description.
    Fiberglass needle felt shaped parts, using high quality glass fiber and organic fiber, after fine processing technology, combined with modern technology, to create a unique and practical shaped parts products. Its smooth appearance, tough texture, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, to meet the needs of a variety of complex environments.


    Product Advantages
    The shaped parts also have excellent insulation and heat insulation properties, which can effectively protect the equipment from electric shock and high temperature damage. At the same time, its lightweight and high strength features make the product ensure strength while reducing weight, which is convenient for transportation and use.

    Product Features

    Product Application
    House construction, pipe insulation, automobile, electric power
    1, used for various heat sources (coal, electricity, oil, gas) high temperature equipment, central air conditioning pipeline insulation.
    2, Used in various heat insulation and fireproof materials.
    3, used in special places of sealing, sound absorption, filtration and insulation materials.
    4, Used in various heat transfer, heat storage device insulation.
    5, Used for sound insulation, heat insulation, heat resistance of cars, ships, airplanes and other parts.
    6, Sound insulation for the inner core of muffler of automobile and motorcycle, and sound insulation of engine.
    7, Color steel plate and wood structure housing interlayer heat insulation.
    8, thermal, chemical pipeline insulation, thermal insulation effect is better than the general insulation materials.
    9, air conditioning, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other household appliances insulation board insulation.
    10, need heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, insulation of other occasions.

    Fiberglass needle mat shaped parts

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