unsaturated polyester resin

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DS- 126PN- 1 is an orthophthalic type promoted unsaturated polyester resin with low viscosity and medium reactivity. The resin has good impregnates of glass fiber reinforcement and is particularly applicable to the products like glass tiles and transparent items.

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DS- 126PN- 1 is an orthophthalic type promoted unsaturated polyester resin with low viscosity and medium reactivity. The resin has good impregnates of glass fiber reinforcement and is particularly applicable to the products like glass tiles and transparent items.



Excellent impregnates of glass fiber reinforcement, transparency and toughness

Technical Index for Liquid Resin
Item Unit Value Standard
Appearance   Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid  
Acid Value mgKOH/g 20-28 GB2895
Viscosity(25℃) Mpa.S 200-300 GB7193
Gel Time min 10-20 GB7193
Non-Volatile % 56-62 GB7193
Thermal Stability(80℃) h ≥24 GB7193
Note: Gel Time is 25°C; in air bath; 0.5ml MEKP solution were added into 50 g resin


Specification for Physical Properties
Item Unit Value Standard
Barcol Hardness ≥ Barcol 35 GB3854
Heat deflection temperature(H D T) ≥ 70 GB1634.2
Tensile strength ≥ MPa 50 GB2568- 1995
Elongation at break≥ % 3.0 GB2568- 1995
Flexural strength≥ MPa 80 GB2568- 1995
Impact strength≥ KJ/m2 8 GB2568- 1995
Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%

Package and Recommended Storage:

DS- 126PN- 1 : Packed in metal drum of 220KGS Net weight with shelf life of 6 months at 20℃ at ventilated places, avoiding direct sunlight and heat or fire.


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