PEEK 100% Pure PEEK Pellet

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As an advanced engineering plastic, PEEK plays an important role in weight reduction, effective extension of component service life, and optimization of component utilization due to its good machinability, flame retardancy, non-toxicity, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance.

  • Other Names: PEEK Pellet
  • Quality: A-grade
  • Type: engineer plastic raw material
  • Feature: High Abrasion resistant
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    Product Description
    Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is in the main chain structure contains a ketone bond and two ether bond repeating unit composed of polymers, is a special polymer materials. With high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical properties, is a class of semi-crystalline polymer materials, can be used as high-temperature-resistant structural materials and electrical insulation materials, and can be composite with glass fibers or carbon fibers to prepare reinforcing materials.

    PEEK Pellet-2

    Product Parameters

    3600 Series
    5600 Series
    7600 Series
    Unfilled PEEK powder
    Unfilled PEEK pellet
    Glass fiber filed PEEK pellet
    Carbon fiber flled PEEK pellet
    HPV PEEK pellet
    Good fluidity,suitable forthin-walled PEEK products
    Medium fluidity, suitablefor general PEEK parts
    Low liquidity, suitable forPEEK parts with high machnical requirement

    Product Advantages

    Main Characteristics
    ① Heat-resistant properties
    PEEK resin is a semi-crystalline polymer. Its glass transition temperature Tg = 143 ℃, melting point Tm = 334 ℃.
    Mechanical Properties
    The tensile strength of PEEK resin at room temperature is 100MPa, 175MPa after 30% GF reinforcement, 260Mpa after 30% CF reinforcement; the bending strength of pure resin is 165MPa, 265MPa after 30% GF reinforcement, 380MPa after 30% CF reinforcement.
    ③ Impact resistance
    The impact resistance of PEEK pure resin is one of the best varieties of special engineering plastics, and its unnotched impact can reach more than 200Kg-cm/cm.
    ④ Flame retardant
    PEEK resin has its own flame retardant, without adding any flame retardant can reach the highest flame retardant grade (UL94V-O).
    ⑤ Chemical Resistance
    PEEK resin has good chemical resistance.
    ⑥ Water Resistance
    The water absorption of PEEK resin is very small, the saturated water absorption at 23 ℃ is only 0.4%, and good hot water resistance, can be used for a long time in 200 ℃ of high-pressure hot water and steam.


    Product Application
    Because of the excellent comprehensive performance of polyether ether ketone, in many special areas can replace the metal, ceramics and other traditional materials. The plastic’s high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance and fatigue resistance make it one of the hottest high-performance engineering plastics, which is mainly used in aerospace, automotive industry, electrical and electronic, and medical equipment and other fields.

    Product Applications

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