High-strength Concrete Raised Floor

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Compared with traditional cement floors, the load-bearing performance of this floor is increased by 3 times, the average load-bearing capacity per square meter can exceed 2000kgs, and the crack resistance is increased by more than 10 times.

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Material: 3D fiber reinforced concrete
  • Size: 800*800; 1000*1000; 1200*600; Customized
  • Product thickness: 26mm;
  • Application: Apartment, Computer Center, Data Centers, Hospital Operati
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    Product Description
    The3D fiber reinforced concrete Ultra High Performance Raised Flooring is an innovative flooring system that combines 3D-FRP technology with Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) technology.

    3D fiber mesh reinfoced inside

    Product Features
    1. Strength and Durability: With 3D-FRP technology, the floor provides outstanding strength and durability. By increasing the distribution of fibers in three directions, 3D-FRP provides higher tensile and flexural strengths, allowing the floor to withstand a large number of loads and usage pressures.
    2. Lightweight design: Despite its excellent strength, 3D fiber-reinforced concrete ultra-high performance raised floor has a lightweight design that reduces the weight of the overall structure. This gives it an advantage in high-rise and long-span structures, reducing structural loads and material usage.
    3. High crack resistance: The properties of ultra-high performance concrete give the floor excellent crack resistance. It effectively prevents the formation and expansion of cracks, improving the service life and reliability of the floor.
    4. Rapid construction and assembly: The 3D fiber reinforced concrete ultra-high performance raised floor is constructed and assembled using prefabricated components. This modular design allows the floor to be manufactured and installed more efficiently and quickly.
    5. Corrosion resistance and durability: 3D fiber reinforced concrete ultra-high performance raised floor has excellent corrosion resistance, able to resist chemical corrosion and environmental erosion. Its durability allows the floor to remain stable and reliable under harsh conditions.

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    Product Application
    3D Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ultra High Performance Raised Floor is suitable for raised floor applications in a variety of buildings and structures such as commercial buildings, office buildings, bridges and airport runways. It provides an innovative, high performance and sustainable solution that brings greater flexibility and viability to building design.

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