Outdoor Concrete Wood Floor

short description:

Concrete wood flooring is an innovative flooring material that looks similar to wood flooring but is actually made of 3D fiber reinforced concrete.

  • Name: Concrete wood flooring
  • Material: 3D fiber reinforced concrete
  • Advantages: Easy to install Easy to decorate
  • Grade: Class A Fireproof
  • Style: Modern Simple
  • Size: 1200*150*39mm;1600*150*39mm
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    Product Description.
    Concrete wood flooring is an innovative flooring material that looks similar to wood flooring but is actually made of concrete.

    Concrete Wooden Flooring

    Product Advantages
    1. Anti-rot, anti-insect, not easy to aging, high strength, greatly reducing the safety risks.
    2. Extended depreciation life.
    3. No need to treat the surface, saving time and labor costs.
    4. Environmental protection: intensive, energy-saving, ecological.
    5. High fire resistance, non-combustible.
    6. more wear-resistant compared with concrete wood, the length of the abrasion pit L for deep abrasion resistance is (20-40) mm

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    Product Features
    1. Unique Appearance: The surface of concrete wood flooring shows the texture of concrete and the grain of wood, giving it a unique aesthetic. It blends modern and natural elements, bringing a chic and stylish atmosphere to the interior space.
    2. Sturdy and durable: concrete wood flooring uses concrete as the base layer, which provides excellent abrasion and pressure resistance and can withstand daily use and high traffic areas. The wood surface layer provides comfortable footing and softness.
    3. Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of concrete wood flooring is smooth and even, not easy to accumulate dust, and very easy to clean and maintain. Regular wiping and maintenance are all that is needed to keep the floor beautiful and tidy.
    4. Good sound insulation performance: concrete wood floor consists of concrete sublayer and wood surface layer, which has excellent sound insulation performance. It reduces noise transmission and provides a quieter indoor environment.
    5. Environmentally sustainable: concrete wood flooring uses two natural materials, concrete and wood, which has a low environmental impact. Wood can be obtained under sustainable forestry management, while concrete is a renewable material.

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    Product Applications
    Concrete wood flooring is suitable for a variety of indoor environments including residential, commercial and public spaces. Not only does it offer a unique look and strong durability, it also showcases the perfect combination of concrete and wood, providing a new option for flooring design. Whether it is a modern or natural style interior, concrete wood flooring can add unique charm and personalized features to the space.

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