Carbon fiber yarn can be divided into many models according to strength and modulus of elasticity. Carbon fiber yarn for building reinforcement requires tensile strength greater than or equal to 3400Mpa.
For people engaged in the reinforcement industry for carbon fiber cloth is not unfamiliar, we often hear a 300g, a 200g, two 300g, two 200g specifications of carbon cloth, so for these specifications of carbon fiber cloth we really know so? Now give you an introduction to how to distinguish between these specifications of carbon fiber cloth.
According to the strength level of carbon fiber can be divided into a level and two levels.

First-grade carbon fiber cloth and second-grade carbon fiber cloth in the appearance of the difference can not be seen, only the mechanical properties of the difference.
The tensile strength of Grade I carbon fiber cloth is ≥3400MPa, modulus of elasticity ≥230GPa, elongation ≥1.6%;
Secondary carbon fiber cloth tensile strength ≥ 3000MPa, modulus of elasticity ≥ 200GPa, elongation ≥ 1.5%.
Grade I carbon fiber cloth and Grade II carbon fiber cloth can not be seen in the appearance of the difference, need to be sent to the laboratory for testing in order to distinguish the strength level of carbon cloth. But different manufacturers in order to distinguish between the first and second level will be in the production of their own mark.
Carbon cloth according to the grams per unit area is divided into 200g and 300g, in fact, 200g that is 1 square meters of carbon cloth quality is 200g, the same 300g carbon cloth that is 1 square meters of carbon cloth quality is 300g.
As the density of carbon fiber is 1.8g/cm3, you can calculate the 300g carbon cloth thickness of 0.167mm, 200g carbon cloth thickness of 0.111mm. sometimes the design drawings will not mention the grams of weight, but directly say the thickness, in fact, the thickness of 0.111mm of the carbon cloth on behalf of the carbon cloth is 200g.
Then how to distinguish between 200g / m², 300g / m² of carbon cloth it, in fact, the simplest way to directly count the number of carbon fiber tow on the number.
Carbon fiber cloth is made of carbon filaments using warp knitting unidirectional cloth, generally according to the design thickness (0.111mm, 0.167mm) or weight per unit area classification (200g/m2, 300g/m2).
Carbon fiber used in the reinforcement industry is basically 12K, 12K carbon fiber filament density of 0.8g/m, so 10cm wide 200g/m2 carbon fiber cloth has 25 bundles of carbon fiber filament, 10cm wide 300g/m2 carbon fiber cloth has 37 bundles of carbon fiber filament.

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