Unidirectional carbon fiber fabric

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Carbon fiber unidirectional fabric is a fabric whose fibers are aligned in one direction only. It has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity and light weight, and is commonly used in projects that need to withstand high strength tensile and bending demands.

  • Type: activated fiber carbon
  • Usage: Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Material: Fiber Activated Carbon Media
  • Size: Custiomized
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    Unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics are a non-woven form of carbon fiber reinforcement that features all fibers extending in a single parallel direction. With this style of fabric, there are no gaps between the fibers and the fibers lie flat. There is no cross-section weave to split the fiber strength in half in the other direction. This allows for a concentrated density of fibers that provides maximum longitudinal tensile potential and is greater than any other fabric. It is three times the longitudinal tensile strength of structural steel and one-fifth the density by weight.

    12K 200g300g Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric for Wall Reinforcement

    Product Advantages
    Composite parts made from carbon fibers provide ultimate strength in the direction of the fiber particles. As a result, composite parts that use unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics as their exclusive reinforcement provide maximum strength in only two directions (along the fibers) and are very stiff. This directional strength property makes it an isotropic material similar to wood.
    During part placement, the unidirectional fabric can be overlapped in different angular directions to achieve strength in multiple directions without sacrificing stiffness. During web lay-up, unidirectional fabrics can be woven with other carbon fiber fabrics to achieve different directional strength properties or aesthetics.
    Unidirectional fabrics are also lightweight, lighter than their woven counterparts. This allows for better control of precision parts and precision engineering in the stack. Likewise, unidirectional carbon fiber is more economical compared to woven carbon fiber. This is due to its lower total fiber content and less weaving process. This saves money on the production of what might otherwise appear to be an expensive but high-performance part.

    China Factory Prepreg Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Prepreg Carbon Fiber Prepreg Fabric

    Product Applications
    Unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is used in a wide range of applications such as aerospace, automotive industry, and construction.
    In the aerospace field, it is used as a reinforcing material for structural parts such as aircraft shells, wings, tails, etc., which can improve the strength and durability of the aircraft.
    In the automotive industry, unidirectional carbon fiber cloth is used in the manufacture of high-end automobiles such as racing cars and luxury cars, which can improve the performance and fuel economy of automobiles.
    In the construction field, it is used as a reinforcing material in building structures, which can improve the seismic capacity and structural stability of buildings.

    12K 200g300g Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric for Wall Reinforcement

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