Carbon fiber biaxial fabric (0°,90°)

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Carbon fiber cloth is a material woven from carbon fiber yarns. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
It is usually used in aerospace, automobiles, sports equipment, building materials and other fields, and can be used to make aircraft, auto parts, sports equipment, ship components and other products.

  • Technics: woven
  • Product Type: Carbon Fiber Fabric
  • Style: Plain
  • Application: fishing tackle, sports equipment, sporting goods
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    Product Description
    carbon fiber biaxial cloth is used in a very wide range of composite reinforcements, from general carbon fiber parts such as carbon fiber automobile hoods, seats, and submarine frames, to high-temperature resistant carbon fiber molds such as prepregs. This flat carbon cloth can be used inside the product, between two layers of prepared carbon cloth, to bring the whole system to a proposed homogeneous structure.

    Please find our specification and competitive offer as below:

    carbon fiber biaxial mat


    Item Areal Weight Structure Carbon Fiber Yarn Width 
      g/m2 / K mm 
    BH-CBX150 150 ±45⁰ 12 1270 
    BH-CBX400 400 ±45⁰ 24 1270 
    BH-CLT150 150 0/90⁰ 12 1270 
    BH-CLT400 400 0/90⁰ 24 1270 

    *Also could produce different structure and areal weight according to customer’s request.

    Product Advantages

    Application Fields
    (1) Aerospace: airframe, rudder, engine shell of rocket, missile diffuser, solar panel, etc.
    (2) Sports equipment: automobile parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rods, baseball bats, sledges, speedboats, badminton rackets and so on.
    (3) Industry: engine parts, fan blades, drive shafts, and electrical parts.
    (4) Fire fighting: It is applicable to the production of fireproof clothing for special categories such as troops, fire fighting, steel mills, etc.
    (5) Construction: Increase in the use load of the building, change in the use function of the project, aging of the material, and the concrete strength grade is lower than the design value.

    carbon fiber multiaxial mat

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