High Silicone Oxygen Fiber is the abbreviation of high purity silicon oxide non-crystalline continuous fiber, its silicon oxide content of 96-98%, continuous temperature resistance of 1000 degrees Celsius, transient temperature resistance of 1400 degrees Celsius; its finished products mainly include continuous yarn, rope, casing, netting, sewing and compiling products, mainly used in the 1000 degrees of ultra-high-temperature fireproofing and heat insulation, the diameter of a single fiber is greater than 5 microns, and does not contain any The diameter of single fiber is more than 5 microns, and it does not contain any asbestos or ceramic cotton, which is completely harmless to health.

High Silicone Fiberglass Fireproof Fabric

High-silicone fiber at 1000 degrees Celsius can maintain good strength and elasticity for a long time, is an effective thermal barrier to ultra-high-temperature heat flow and jet flames, and personnel facilities, reliable protective devices; its low thermal conductivity, high thermal shock has a good resistance to performance, the vast majority of chemicals are inert to the high temperature of compounds, corrosive minerals, weakly alkaline molten alloys have a good resistance to corrosion in high temperature, strong radiation conditions, normal continuous work. It has good corrosion resistance to compounds at high temperature, corrosive minerals and weak alkaline molten alloys, and can work normally under high heat and strong radiation.
It has been widely used in spacecraft anti-heat ablation materials, high temperature adiabatic body, high temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration, metal melting filtration, purification, etc., which has a very broad application prospect and huge market potential.

Post time: Jan-03-2024