The preparation process of basalt fiber mat usually includes the following steps:
1. Preparation of raw materials: Select high-purity basalt ore as raw materials. The ore is crushed, ground and other treatments, so that it reaches the granularity requirements suitable for fiber preparation.
2. Melting: The ground basalt ore is melted in a special high temperature furnace. The temperature inside the furnace is usually above 1300°C, so that the ore is completely melted into a magma state.
3. Fibrillation: The molten magma is fibrillated by means of a rotating spinneret (or spinnerette). In a spinneret, the magma is sprayed onto a high-speed rotating spinneret, which pulls the magma into fine fibers by centrifugal force and stretching.

What is the process of preparing thin basalt fiber mats

4. Coagulation and solidification: The ejected basalt fibers undergo a cooling and solidification process to form a continuous fiber mesh structure. At the same time, through the reaction between the sprayed fibers and the oxides in the air, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the fibers, which increases the stability of the fibers and their high temperature resistance.
5. Finished product processing: the cured basalt fiber mat is subjected to necessary processing and finishing. This includes cutting into the required size and shape, surface treatment or coating, etc., to meet the needs of different applications.

The process of preparing basalt fiber mat mainly relies on high-temperature melting and fibrillation technology. By controlling the melting conditions and fibrillation process, basalt fiber mat products with ideal properties can be obtained. The temperature, pressure and fibrillation speed during the preparation process need to be regulated according to specific requirements in order to obtain high quality basalt fiber mats.

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