1, with glass fiber twisted glass rope, can be called the “king of rope”.
Because the glass rope is not afraid of seawater corrosion, will not rust, so as a ship cable, crane lanyard is very suitable. Although the synthetic fiber rope is firm, but it will melt under high temperature, but the glass rope is not afraid, therefore, the rescue workers use the glass rope is especially safe.

2, glass fiber after processing, can weave a variety of glass fabrics – glass cloth.
Glass cloth is neither afraid of acid, nor alkali, so used as a chemical plant filter cloth, very ideal. In recent years, many factories have used glass cloth instead of cotton, sack cloth, making bags.


3, glass fiber is both insulating and heat-resistant, so it is a very excellent insulating material.
At present, most of China’s electrical machinery and electrical plants have been a large number of glass fiber to do insulation materials. A 6000-kilowatt turbine generator, in which the insulation parts made of glass fiber reached more than 1,800 pieces! As a result of the use of glass fiber insulation materials, both to improve the performance of the motor, but also to reduce the size of the motor, but also to reduce the cost of the motor, really a triple win.

4, another important use of glass fiber is to work with plastics to make a variety of glass fiber composites.
For example, layers of glass cloth dipped in hot molten plastic, pressurized and molded into the famous “fiberglass”. FRP is even tougher than steel, not only will not rust, but also resistant to corrosion, while only a quarter of the weight of the same volume of steel.
Therefore, it is used to manufacture the shell of ships, cars, trains and machine parts, not only can save a lot of steel, but also reduce the weight of the car, ship itself, so that the payload is greatly improved.

Post time: Dec-26-2022