Thermoplastic composite resin matrix involving general and special engineering plastics, and PPS is a typical representative of special engineering plastics, commonly known as “plastic gold”. Performance advantages include the following aspects: excellent heat resistance, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, self-flame retardancy up to UL94 V-0 level. Because PPS has the above performance advantages, and compared to other high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastics and has easy processing, low cost characteristics, so become an excellent resin matrix for the manufacture of composite materials.

PPS plus short glass fiber (SGF) composite materials have the advantages of high strength, high heat resistance, flame retardant, easy processing, low cost, etc., in the automotive, electronics, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, aviation, aerospace, military and other fields have made applications.


PPS plus long glass fiber (LGF) composite materials have the advantages of high toughness, low warpage, fatigue resistance, good product appearance, etc., can be used for water heater impellers, pump housings, joints, valves, chemical pump impellers and housings, cooling water impellers and housings, home appliance parts, etc.

The fiberglass is better dispersed in the resin, and with the increase of fiberglass content, the reinforcing fiber network inside the composite is better constructed; this is the main reason why the overall mechanical properties of the composite improve with the increase of fiberglass content. Comparing PPS/SGF and PPS/LGF composites, the retention rate of fiberglass in PPS/LGF composites is higher, which is the main reason for the superior mechanical properties of PPS/LGF composites.

Post time: Apr-07-2023