Roofing tissue mat is mainly used as excellent substrates for waterproof roofing materials. It is characterized as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easy soakage by bitumen, and so on. The longitudinal strength and tear resistance can be improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the tissue across its whole width. The waterproof roofing tissue made of this substrates is not easy to crack, ageing and rot.Roofing Tissue Mat

We can produce the goods from 40gram/m2 to 100 gram /m2,and the space between yarns is 15mm or 30mm (68 TEX).

Product Features:Roofing -Application

Waterproof roofing tissue are high tensile strength, excellent uniformity, good weathering quality ,leaking resistance, corrosion resistance, easy soakage by bitumen, and so on.

Post time: Mar-02-2021