In the United States, most people have a swimming pool in their yard, no matter how big or small, which reflects an attitude to life. Most traditional swimming pools are made of cement, plastic or fiberglass, which are usually not environmentally friendly. In addition, because labor in the country is particularly expensive, the construction period generally takes several months. If it is a sparsely populated place, it may be necessary. longer. Is there a better solution for the impatient?


On July 1, 2022, a traditional fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer in the United States announced that they have developed the world’s first 3D printed fiberglass swimming pool and want to test and change the market in the future.

It is well known that the advent of 3D printing promises to reduce the cost of building houses, but some people have thought of using the technology to develop new swimming pools. San Juan Pools has been operating in Gome for nearly 65 years, has mature manufacturing experience in this field, and has distributors all over the country. As one of the largest fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers in the country, using 3D printing to manufacture pools, it is currently Indeed an industry first.


Personalized 3D printed swimming pool

This summer, a number of public swimming facilities have been closed in some U.S. cities due to a shortage of lifeguards. Cities such as Indianapolis and Chicago have responded to shortages by closing swimming pools and limiting hours of operation to protect the public from accidental drownings.
Against this backdrop, San Juan shipped their Baja Beach model to Midtown Manhattan for a roadshow, where home improvement specialist Bedell explained the technology behind the 3D-printed swimming pool and allowed the product to be sampled on-site.
The 3D-printed swimming pool in the exhibit features a hot tub that seats eight, and a sloping entrance to the pool. Bedell explained that the 3D-printed swimming pool has interesting technology that means “it can be any shape the client wants”.
The future of 3D printed swimming pools
San Juan Pools’ new 3D-printed pool can be produced in days and is made from fully recyclable materials.
“So when it’s not needed, people can put it in a plastic shredder and reuse those plastic pellets,” Bedell said of the product’s end-of-life and consumer disposal tax.
He also explained that San Juan Pools’ move to large-scale 3D printing stemmed from a partnership with an advanced manufacturing company called Alpha Additive. Currently, no other pool manufacturer of its kind has the technology or machines to manufacture these pool products, making them currently the only fiberglass pool 3D printers in the industry with a broad market outlook.

Post time: Jul-07-2022