Glass fiber wet thin felt after numerous polishing, or find a lot of advantages on their own, in many aspects of their significant use.
For example, air filtration, mainly used in general air conditioning systems, gas turbines and air compressors. Mainly by treating the fiber surface with chemical reagents, combined with precise slurry to complete the production, the products produced in terms of high efficiency, low resistance, folding resistance, especially at low resistance, the filtration efficiency can reach 60%-95%, and has a certain waterproof function, can be applied to the occasion of high humidity. So this product has good moisture-proof and water-proof function.
For example, copper-clad paper, mainly used as a substrate for copper-clad plates, uniform appearance, excellent electrical and thermal properties, solvent resistance, and excellent compatibility with epoxy resin. The performance of copper-clad plates produced with glass fiber paper can reach the level of glass fiber plates, which are suitable for industrial electronic products, especially glass fiber paper has superior subsequent processability and is more popular in the market.
For example, the battery diaphragm, glass fiber diaphragm paper consists of 0.5 to 4 μm diameter, ultra-fine glass fibers without any organic binder. The diaphragm has significantly better performance than ordinary battery diaphragms in many aspects, such as high liquid absorption, fast liquid absorption, good hydrophilicity, absorbing and maintaining the electrolyte required for the rated capacity of the battery, and maintaining its high liquid absorption rate throughout its life.

The current status of glass fiber wet thin felt applications

For example, FRP surface felts, glass fiber wet felts have great porosity and can absorb large amounts of resin, which when used as the surface of FRP products, can form a gap-free, chemically resistant, resin-rich layer and improve the finish of the products; protect the internal reinforcing material layer and prevent the internal fibers from being exposed; and prevent the liquid in glass pipes and tanks from leaking when they are under pressure.
In addition, the glass fiber wet thin felt can be used as GMT sheet, adsorption substrate, sound-absorbing and fire-retardant paper, etc. China’s “12th Five-Year Plan” for the development of the glass fiber industry, in particular, to vigorously develop the application areas of glass fiber products, and constantly expand the scope of application of glass fiber, especially in the fire-resistant, heat-resistant, reinforced, etc. The development of a variety of forms of products to facilitate the use, through the expansion of the application market, fundamentally improve the quality of the glass fiber industry, expand the breadth and depth of application areas, for glass fiber enterprises and downstream industries, and promote the development and growth of the glass fiber industry chain, which gives the development of glass fiber paper types and quality optimization has put forward higher requirements. Therefore, we hope that there will be more good development directions and prospects for the development of glass fiber wet thin felts, which will always remain alive.

Post time: Apr-27-2023