As urbanization promotes the development of autonomous driving technology and the widespread application of advanced driver assistance systems (ADA), automotive original equipment manufacturers and suppliers are actively seeking high-performance materials to optimize today’s higher frequencies (>75 GHz) , The performance of millimeter wave (mmWave) radar devices. To meet this demand, SABIC is launching two new materials-LNP Thermocomp WFC06I and WFC06IXP compounds-respectively for the front and rear housings of next-generation radar devices.


The new glass fiber reinforced polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) grade has extremely low dissipation factor (Df) and dielectric constant (Dk), which helps to support the transmission of high-frequency radar signals. They also feature ultra-low warpage, allowing designers to create new, thinner housings to improve signal transmission. In addition, these new Sabic products support high-speed, high-precision laser welding, which contributes to efficient radar unit assembly.

Post time: Aug-13-2021