In recent years, fiberglass reinforced polyurethane composite frames have been developed that possess excellent material properties. At the same time, as a non-metallic material solution, fiberglass polyurethane composite frames also have advantages that metal frames do not have, which can bring significant cost reductions and efficiency gains to PV module manufacturers. Glass fiber polyurethane composites have excellent mechanical properties, and their axial tensile strength is much higher than that of traditional aluminum alloys. It is also highly resistant to salt spray and chemical corrosion.


The adoption of non-metallic frame encapsulation for PV modules greatly reduces the possibility of forming leakage loops, which helps to reduce the generation of PID potential-induced decay phenomenon. the harm of PID effect makes the power of the cell module decay and reduces power generation. Therefore, reducing the PID phenomenon can improve the power generation efficiency of the panel.
In addition, in recent years, the properties of fiberglass reinforced resin matrix composites such as light weight and high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good electrical insulation and material anisotropy have been gradually recognized, and with the gradual research on glass fiber reinforced composites, their applications are becoming more and more widespread.
As an important load-bearing part of photovoltaic system, the excellent aging resistance of photovoltaic bracket directly affects the safety and stability of the operation of the power equipment carried.


The fiberglass reinforced composite photovoltaic bracket is mostly used in the outdoor area with open area and harsh environment, which is subjected to high and low temperature, wind, rain and strong sunlight all year round, and faces aging under the common influence of many factors in actual operation, and its aging speed is faster, and among many aging studies on composite materials, most of them are currently studying the aging assessment under a single factor, so it is important to carry out multi-factor aging tests on bracket materials to evaluate the aging performance for the safe operation of photovoltaic systems.

Post time: Mar-13-2023