Carbon fiber reinforcement method is a relatively advanced reinforcement method applied in recent years, this paper explains the carbon fiber reinforcement method in terms of its characteristics, principles, construction technology and other aspects.
Subject to the quality of construction and the substantial increase in traffic and transportation and a variety of natural environmental factors, the construction of the concrete bridge structure may be insufficient bearing capacity, concrete surface cracks and other problems, but most of these bridges may continue to be used through reinforcement. Carbon fiber reinforcement repair structure technology is a new structural reinforcement technology that uses resin-based bonding material to affix carbon fiber cloth to the surface of cohesive soil for the purpose of reinforcing structures and members.

1.The reinforcement is thin and light, hardly increasing the size of the original structure and its own weight.
2 Easy and quick construction.
3 Resistant to corrosion of acid, alkali and salt media, with a wide range of applications.
4.Can effectively close the cracks of the concrete structure, prolong the service life of the structure.
5.It is easy to keep the structure in its original state.
6.Carbon fiber sheet has good durability performance.

Scope of Application
1.Reinforced concrete members bending reinforcement.
2.Shear reinforcement of reinforced concrete beam and column members.
3 Seismic reinforcement of concrete columns.
4.Seismic reinforcement of masonry.

On Structural Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Technology

Post time: Apr-24-2024