Since there are so many types of decoration in the market, so many people tend to confuse some materials, such as fiberglass cloth and mesh cloth. So, is fiberglass cloth and mesh cloth the same? What are the characteristics and uses of glass fiber cloth?
I’ll bring you together to understand.

Fibergglass cloth and mesh cloth the same
No, they are two different properties of the material. Although in the production time, the use of the main material is basically the same, but in each process there is a certain difference, so made, whether in the use of performance, or the use of regional scope are very different. The more significant difference between them is in the shaping, fiberglass cloth can only play a supporting role.

fiberglass mesh

Characteristics of Fibergglass Cloth
Fiberglass cloth can not only be used in -196 ℃ low-temperature environment, can also be used for about 300 ℃ high-temperature environment, weather resistance is very strong, and also has a non-adhesive function, not easy to stick to any substance. In addition, the chemical corrosion performance of fiberglass cloth is also good, not easy to be corroded by chemicals, can withstand the role of drugs, in the coefficient of friction will be relatively low.

fiberglass fabric

Use of Fibergglass Cloth
Fiberglass cloth is often used in composite materials, it can play a good role in the enhancement, not only can be used for electrical insulation and thermal insulation materials, but also can be used in circuit boards and other areas of the scope.
At the same time, it is also often used in life in the hull of the ship, vehicles, tanks, exterior wall insulation, roof waterproofing, etc., in the construction project, but also will be used in cement, asphalt, mosaic and other materials, it can play a very good in these materials to enhance the effect, it can be said to be the construction industry is more ideal for a kind of engineering materials.

Post time: Oct-26-2023