Repeated order for FRP mining anchors set with plates and nuts  from  Poland customer.

Fiberglass anchor is a structural material usually made of high strength fiberglass bundles wrapped around a resin or cement matix.It is similar in appearance to steel rebar,but offers lighter weight and greater corrosion resistance.Fiberglass anchors are typically round or threaded in shape,and can be customized in length and diameter for specific applications.

Compared with steel rockbolt, low torque is the main reason limiting the wide application of FRP rockbolt. By improving the bolt structure and optimizing the material design, the company has developed high torque FRP rockbolt, overcoming the shortcomings of low torque of traditional one, and can apply prestress through torque to improve the stability of supporting structure.

Product Characteristics

1) High Strength: Fiberglass anchors have excellent tensile strength and can withstand significant tensile loads.

2) Lightweight: Fiberglass anchors are lighter than traditional steel rebar, making them easier to transport and install.

3) Corrosion Resistance: Fiberglass will not rust or corrode,so it is suitable for wet or corrosive environments.

4) Insulation: Due to its non-metallic nature,fiberglass anchors have insulating properties and can be used in applications that require electrical insulation.

5) Customizability: Different diameters and lengths can be specified to meet the requirements of a particular project.

1. Loading date:June.,14th ,2024

2. Country:Poland

3. Commodity:20mm diameter FRP mining anchors set with plates and nuts

4. Quantity:1000sets

5. Usage:For  mining

6. Contact information: 
Sales Manager:Mrs. Jessica


FRP mining anchors set with plates and nuts

Post time: Jun-14-2024