E-glass Roving market: E-glass Roving prices increased steadily last week, now at the end and beginning of the month, most of the pond kiln are operating at stable price, few factories price slightly increased, the recent market in the middle and lower reaches of wait-and-see mood, mass products supply and demand to ease slightly, but the tension of assembled products between supply and demand is still more outstanding.The comparative growth was 1.67% and year-on-year growth rate is 48.78%. At this stage, the demand is still continued. Recently, some production lines have been hot, and local supply may have small towers in the later stage.

Direct Roving-1
Late market forcast: The fiberglass roving price is mainly stable, some new order prices continue to be signed, the current situation of tight supply and demand continues, fiberglass roving price is still expected to increase.


Post time: Apr-13-2021