Fiberglass Chopped Strands including Chopped Strands For BMC, Chopped Strands For Thermoplastics, Wet Chopped Strands, Alkali-Resistant Chopped Strands(ZrO2 14.5% / 16.7%).

Technological process

1).Chopped Strands For BMC

Chopped Strands for BMC are compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resins.

The end-use applications include transportation, building & construction, electronic & electrical, mechanical, and light industry.


2). Chopped Strands For Thermoplastics

Chopped Stands for Thermoplastic are based on silane coupling agent and special sizing formulation, compatible with PA,PBT/PET, PP, AS/ABS, PC, PPS/PPO,POM, LCP;

E-Glass Chopped Stands for thermoplastic are know for excellent strand integrity, superior flowability and processing property, delivering excellent mechanical property and high surface quality to its finished product.


3.) Wet Chopped Strands

Wet Chopped Strands are compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins and gypsum.

Wet Chopped Strands have moderate moisture content and deliver outstanding flowability, including dispersion in water and in gypsum.


4.) Alkali-Resistant Chopped Strands(ZrO2 14.5% / 16.7%)

I). Premix Alkali-Resistant Chopped Strands – (ZrO2 14.5% / 16.7%)

Premix chopped strands is a high alkali resistant glass fiber chopped strand for general use intended for premixing with other materials and is produced by the use of tamping casting or other processes in a molded GRC part.

Even under high-dose conditions is also very easy to integrate, and after mixing a good cluster. For the production of standard GRC components such as water pipes or instrument boxes, or building facilities such as lightweight partition boards, zirconia content of 16.7% chopped yarn production components of the late strength of the performance better

AR Chopped Strands

II). Low TEX Alkali-Resistant Chopped Strands – (ZrO2 14.5% / 16.7%)

Low Tex chopped strands is a high Intergrity, low tex, alkali-resistant, glass-fiber chopped strand for molding GRC components in dry mix systems or other premixing processes. It can also be used for the production of prefabricated components in standard GRC components.

The specially formulated wetting agent system makes it easy to blend and maintain good integrity during mixing, effectively preventing wear and maintaining the bundling properties when mixed with dry materials. The yarns with low single-strand density can increase the specific surface area with low participation, and thus produce stronger enhancement effect. The product is particularly suitable for preparing pre-made mortar and paint mixes.


III). Water dispersed Alkali-Resistant Chopped Strands – (ZrO2 14.5% / 16.7%)

water dispersed chopped strands is a special purpose alkali-resistant glass fiber chopped strand, used for mixing with cement and other materials that require high dispersion. Especially for the special mud mud mixture of dressing or for mortar fluidity and other special industrial production.

The product’s sizing agent system is water-dispersible and, when mixed with water, can be sufficiently dispersed into monofilaments. Used in the painting and concrete repair mixture, and through a special process to produce a certain standard GRC components.

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