Last week we received an urgently order from an European old customer.This is the 3rd order need to ship by air before our Chinese new year holiday.

Even our production line is nearlly full we still finished this order within one week and delivery out in time.

S Glass yarn is a type of specialty yarn that is manufactured from a high-performance glass fiber known as S-Glass. S-Glass  is a premium glass fiber with superior mechanical and thermal properties compared to traditional E-Glass fibers. The yarn produced from S-Glass is widely used in various industries for applications requiring high strength, stiffness, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.


S Glass yarn

Aerospace Industry: S-Glass yarn is used in the production of composite materials for aircraft and spacecraft components, providing lightweight yet strong structural reinforcement.

Automotive Engineering: Applied in the manufacturing of high-performance automotive components, such as body panels and structural elements, to enhance strength and reduce weight.

Sports and Recreation Equipment: Utilized in the construction of sports equipment, including racing boats, bicycles, and sporting goods, to achieve a balance of strength and lightweight design.

Marine Industry: Used in the development of marine vessels to improve the strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to fuel efficiency and overall durability.

Civil Engineering and Construction: Employed in the construction of high-strength, lightweight structures such as bridges and building components to enhance structural integrity.

S-Glass yarn’s superior mechanical properties make it a preferred choice in industries where high-performance materials are required. Its application in various sectors contributes to the development of lightweight, durable, and high-strength products across different engineering and manufacturing fields.

S Glass yarn

1. Country: Romania

2. Commodity: Sglass yarn,Filament diameter  9 micron,34×2 tex 55 twists

3. Usage: Used as a braid on a cable.

4. Contact information:

Sales Manager: Jessica


Post time: Jan-29-2024