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Direct Roving for LFT is coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with PA, PBT, PET, PP, ABS, PPS and POM resins.


Product Features:

1) Silane-based coupling agent which delivers most balanced sizing properties.

2) Special sizing formulation which delivers good compatibility with matrix resin.

3) Consistent tension, good mold ability and dispersion.

4) Excellent mechanical properties of composite products.

Product List


Linear Density

Resin Compatibility


End Use

BHLFT-01D 400-2400 PP Good integrity excellent processing and mechanical property, extinct light color
BHLFT-02D 400-2400 PA,TPU Low fuzz excellent processing and mechanical property, designed for LFT-G process
BHLFT-03D 400-3000 PP Good dispersion specially designed for LFT-D process and widely used in automotive,construction,sports,electric and electronic applications

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Post time: Mar-25-2021