The world’s lightest bicycle, made of carbon fiber composite, weighs only 11 pounds (about 4.99 kg).
Currently, most carbon fiber bikes on the market use carbon fiber only in the frame structure, while this development uses carbon fiber in the bike’s fork, wheels, handlebars, seat, seat post, cranks and brakes.
All of the high-strength carbon composite parts on the bike are manufactured using the P3 process, an acronym for Prepreg, Performance and Process.
All carbon fiber parts are hand-built from prepreg and processed in the demanding sports racing and aerospace industries to ensure the lightest weight and stiffest bikes possible. In order to meet the maximum design requirements for stiffness, the frame cross-sectional area of the bike is also considerable.


The bike’s overall frame is made from 3D printed continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic, a material that is stronger than any traditional carbon fiber frame currently on the market. The use of thermoplastic not only makes the bike stronger and more impact resistant, but also lighter in weight.


Post time: Mar-21-2023