Basalt fiber rebar BFRP is a new kind of composite material which basalt fiber combines with epoxy resin ,vinyl resin or unsaturated polyester resins. The difference with steel is that the density of BFRP is 1.9-2.1g/cm3

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BFRP Rebar

Product Advantages
1, Light specific gravity, about 1/4 of ordinary steel bar;
2, high tensile strength, about 3-4 times of ordinary steel;
3, acid and alkali resistance, insulation and adiabatic, good wave-transparent properties, good weather resistance;
4, the coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of concrete, which significantly reduces early cracks;
5, easy to transport, good designability, high construction efficiency;
6, improve service life, reduce maintenance costs;
7, compared with the loss of reinforcing steel by 6%.

Product Application
1, Application on concrete bridge structure
In the cold winter, a large amount of industrial nitrate has to be spread on bridges and pavements every year to prevent freezing. But the corrosion of salt water on traditional reinforced concrete bridges is very serious. If the use of composite reinforcement can greatly reduce the bridge corrosion problem, reduce maintenance costs, increase the service life of the bridge.
2, the application of road construction
In road construction, the main use of frontier reinforced concrete pavement and prestressed concrete highway need to improve durability. Because of the use of road winter salt spreading, it will intensify the corrosion of reinforcing steel. In order to solve the problem of corrosion prevention, the use of composite reinforcement for roads shows great advantages.
3.Application in the field of structural concrete in harbours, wharves, coasts and car parks.
Whether it is a high-rise car park, surface car parks or underground car parks have winter anti-freezing problems, many buildings in coastal areas of the steel bar, due to the corrosion of sea salt in the sea breeze and the occurrence of significant deterioration. The tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of the basement fibre composite reinforcement is better than that of steel reinforcement, which makes it the material of choice for reinforcement of underground engineering, and it is also widely used for reinforcement of concrete in tunnels and underground petroleum reserve facilities.
4, in the application of anti-corrosion building.
Domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater is a major source of corrosion of steel, other gaseous, solid and liquid chemicals can also cause corrosion of steel. And the corrosion resistance of composite reinforcement is better than steel, so it can be widely used in sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment equipment, ShiShan chemical equipment and so on.
5, in the application of underground engineering.
In underground engineering, usually use composite bar grating to enhance.
6, Applied in the low conductive and non-magnetic field components.
Due to the electrical insulation of composite reinforcement and easily permeable electromagnetic wave characteristics, to prevent personal hazards due to current induction or short circuit, the protection of sensitive electronic communication equipment in the field of using concrete buildings, make full use of the composite reinforcement non-magnetic and non-conductive special performance, widely used in the medical care to ensure the construction of the sector’s magnetic resonance imaging facilities base, airports, military facilities, communications buildings, anti-radar interference buildings, high-level office buildings, Earthquake prediction observatory, electronic equipment room, etc.. The use of basalt composite reinforcement can also prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents caused by current induction or leakage in buildings.


#4 BASAFLEX BFRP Rebar ~200′ Coil


#3 BASAFLEX BFRP Closed Stirrup “A”

#3 BASAFLEX BFRP Closed Stirrup “B”

#3 BASAFLEX BFRP  Closed Stirrup “C”

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