Basalt fiber composite high-pressure pipe, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, low resistance to convey liquid and long service life, is widely used in petrochemical, aviation, construction and other fields. Its main features are: resistance to corrosion of H2S, CO2, brine, etc., low scale accumulation, low waxing, good flow performance, flow coefficient is 1.5 times that of steel pipe, while having excellent mechanical strength, light weight, low installation cost, design life of more than 30 years, in some projects, even use 50 years still no problem. Its main applications are: crude oil, natural gas and fresh water transmission pipelines; high-pressure pipelines such as sewage injection and downhole oil pipelines; petrochemical process pipelines; oilfield sewage and wastewater treatment transmission pipelines; spa pipes, etc.

Basalt fiber for high-pressure pipelines

Performance advantages of basalt fiber high-pressure pipeline:
(1) Excellent corrosion resistance
The structure of basalt fiber high-pressure pipeline is divided into three parts: inner lining layer, structural layer and outer protection layer. Among them, the resin content of the inner lining layer is high, generally above 70%, and the resin content of the resin-rich layer on its inner surface is as high as about 95%. Compared with steel pipes, it has much superior corrosion resistance, such as strong acid and alkali, various inorganic salt solutions, oxidation media, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, various surfactants, polymer solutions, various organic solvents, etc. As long as the resin matrix is well chosen, basalt fiber high-pressure pipes can withstand long-term (except for concentrated acid, strong alkali and HF)
(2) Good fatigue resistance and long service life
The design life of basalt fiber high-pressure pipe is more than 20 years, and in fact, it is often intact after more than 30 years of use, and is maintenance-free during its service life.
(3) High pressure-bearing capacity
The normal pressure level of basalt fiber high-pressure pipe is 3.5 MPa-25 MPa (up to 35 MPa, depending on wall thickness and counting), which has higher pressure resistance compared with other non-metallic pipes.
(4) Light weight, easy to install and transport
The specific gravity of Xuan Yan fiber high-pressure pipe is about 1.6, which is only 1/4 to 1/5 of steel pipe or cast iron pipe, and the actual application shows that under the premise of the same internal pressure, the weight of FRP pipe of the same diameter and length is about 28% of that of steel pipe.
(5) High strength and reasonable mechanical properties
Basalt fiber high-pressure pipe axial tensile strength of 200-320MPa, close to the steel pipe, but than the strength is about 4 times more, in the structural design, the weight of the pipe can be significantly reduced, the installation is very easy.
(6) Other properties:
Not easy to scale and wax, small flow resistance, good electrical insulation properties, simple coupling, high strength, low thermal conductivity, low thermal stress.

Post time: May-05-2023