Aramid is a special fiber material with excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance. Aramid fiber materials are used in electrical insulation and electronic applications such as transformers, motors, printed circuit boards, and functional structural components of radar antennas.
1. Transformers
The use of aramid fibers in the core, interlayer and interphase insulation of transformers is undoubtedly the ideal material. Its advantages in the application process are obvious, the fiber paper limit oxygen index > 28, so it belongs to a good flame retardant material. At the same time, the heat resistance performance of 220 level, can reduce the transformer cooling space, prompting its internal structure is compact, reduce the transformer no-load loss, but also can reduce manufacturing costs. Due to its good insulation effect, it can improve the transformer’s ability to store temperature and harmonic loads, so it has important applications in transformer insulation. In addition, the material is resistant to moisture and can be used in humid environments.


2. Electric motors
Aramid fibers are widely used in the manufacturing process of electric motors. Together, the fibers and cardboard form the insulation system of the motor product, which enables the product to operate beyond the state of load. Due to the small size and good performance of the material, it can be used without damage during coil winding. The avenues of application include insulation between phases, leads, to ground, wires, slot liners, etc. For example, fiber paper with a thickness of 0.18mm~0.38mm is flexible and suitable for slot lining insulation; the thickness of 0.51mm~0.76mm has a high built-in hardness underneath, so it can be applied in slot wedge position.

Electric motors

3. Circuit board
After the application of aramid fiber in the circuit board, electrical strength, point resistance, laser speed is greater, while the ion can be processed performance is higher, the ion density is lower, due to the above advantages, it is widely used in the field of electronics. In the 1990s, the circuit board made of aramid material has become the focus of social concern for SMT substrate materials, aramid fibers are widely used in circuit board substrates and other aspects.

Circuit board

4. Radar Antenna
In the rapid development of satellite communications, radar antennas are required to have a small quality, lightweight, strong reliability and other advantages. Aramid fiber has high stability in performance, good electrical insulation ability, and wave transmission and strong mechanical properties, so it can be used in the field of radar antenna. For example, it can be reasonably used in overhead antennas, radomes of warships and airplanes, as well as radar feed lines and other structures.

Radar Antenna

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