In the market, many people do not know much about ground glass fiber powder and glass fiber chopped strands, and they are often confused. Today we will introduce the difference between them:


Grinding glass fiber powder is to pulverize glass fiber filaments (leftovers) into different lengths (mesh) by a pulverizing process, and glass fiber chopped strands are cut to produce different lengths of glass fiber chopped strands. Advantages of silk: high precision of fiber length, high fiber amount, uniform diameter of monofilament, good fluidity of the fiber in segments before dispersion, no static electricity because it is inorganic, high temperature resistance, tensile force in the product It is consistent and can form a three-dimensional three-dimensional network structure, so that the product has good willfulness and tensile strength, high impact strength, and the fibers are dispersed in every corner of the product with the same length, so the tensile strength of the product is consistent.
Grinding glass fiber powder cannot be done, because it is a pulverization process, the length of the fiber cannot be guaranteed, there are long and short, and there is powder, because it is the waste scraps pulled by the drawing workers, and there are many impurities in it, and the monofilament The diameter is not guaranteed, and the fibers are thick or thin, so after adding to the product, the strength cannot be guaranteed, the strength value of each corner is different, and it is easy to stagger and agglomerate.

Post time: Sep-23-2022