1: must maintain a clean wall, and keep the wall is dry before construction, if wet, wait until the wall is completely dry.
2: in the wall of the cracks on the tape, paste a good and then must be pressed, you must pay attention to when you paste, do not force too much.

What are the steps for the construction of fiberglass mesh cloth for walls

3: again to make sure that the cracks have not been covered by the tape you put on, if not covered then to take down and re-paste it, this part is very important, and then put on after some excess tape to cut, cut and then brush on the buy good mortar. Let the mortar dry after their own and then go sanding, so that the wall is relatively smooth, if not smooth, it is your raw materials, fill in not enough, and then fill in some of their own sanding again, all smooth, after checking whether there is no leakage out of the tape to be cut off, and then see the cracks have been repaired and then use fiberglass mesh cloth in the surrounding modification, the wall will be like a new one. The wall will be like new, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of the wall will be cracked.

Post time: Mar-12-2024