Mining FRP anchors need to have the following properties:
① Have a certain anchoring force, generally should be above 40KN;
② There should be a certain preload force after anchoring;
③ Stable anchoring performance;
④ Low cost, easy to install;
⑤ Good cutting performance.
Mining FRP anchor is a mining support product composed of rod body, tray and nut. The material of the rod body of FRP anchor is FRP, and the longitudinal arrangement of glass fiber tendons can maximize the advantages of high tensile strength of glass fiber to meet the requirements of the rod body in terms of tensile strength. Mining fiberglass anchor torsional reinforcement is made of impregnated fiberglass bundles twisted around the rod body, which can enhance the torsional strength of mining fiberglass anchor rod body.
The main components of mining FRP anchors are glass fiber, resin and anchoring agent, and the molding machine of mining FRP anchors is mainly composed of preform, hydraulic traction, electrical control, automatic cutting and other systems.

Structure and molding process of mining FRP anchors

The specific molding process of mining FRP anchor rod is as follows: glass fiber untwisted roving yarn mass is placed on the yarn frame, the fiber is led out from the inner wall of the yarn cylinder, and after passing through the guiding ring and the dividing grill on the yarn frame, it enters into the impregnation tank for impregnation. The impregnated tow is squeezed to remove excess resin by means of a squeezing plate, and then passed through a preforming die to bring the tow close to the final shape of the rod and to further squeeze out the excess resin, while eliminating air bubbles in the process of compaction.
After preforming, the fiber bundle is drawn into the forming mold and twisted by the clamping and twisting device into a left-handed rope shape, and then pressurized by the platen, the fiber bundle is pressed into the desired rod shape. After the raw material is cured and shaped by heat, the pressure plate is lifted up, and it is pulled out of the mold by the traction mechanism. Finally, the mining FRP anchor rod body is cut to the set length by the circular saw blade of the cutting machine.

Post time: Oct-07-2023