Fiberglass composites refers to the fiberglass as a reinforcing body, other composite materials as a matrix, and then after processing and molding of new materials, due to the fiberglass composites itself has some characteristics, so that it has been widely used in various fields, this paper analyzes some of the characteristics of the fiberglass composites and gives some of the trends of its development and recommendations for a better understanding of the glass fiber and research composites play a role in reference.

The main characteristics of fiberglass composites:
1. Excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of fiberglass composites is lower than that of steel, higher than that of ductile iron and concrete, while the specific strength is about 3 times that of steel and 10 times that of ductile iron.
2. Good corrosion resistance. Through reasonable selection of raw materials and scientific thickness design, fiberglass composite material can be used for a long time in the environment of organic solvents such as acid, alkali and salt.
3. Good thermal insulation performance. Fiberglass composite material has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, is an excellent insulation material, therefore, in the case of small temperature difference does not need to do special insulation, can achieve good thermal insulation effect.
4. Small coefficient of thermal expansion. Due to the small coefficient of thermal expansion of fiberglass composite material, it can be used normally under various harsh conditions such as surface, underground, submarine, high cold, desert and so on.
5. Excellent electric insulation. Can be used to make insulator. High frequency can still maintain a good dielectric properties. Microwave permeability is good, adapted to be used in power transmission and many mined areas.

Main features and development trend of fiberglass composites

The development trend of fiberglass composites is as follows:
1. At present, the development potential of high-performance fiberglass is huge, especially high silica fiberglass advantages, high-performance fiberglass has two development trends: one is to focus on higher performance, the second is to focus on the industrialization of high-performance fiberglass technology research, is committed to improving the process performance of high-performance glass fiber, while reducing costs and reducing pollution.
2. There are some deficiencies in the preparation of materials: part of the preparation of high-performance fiberglass are still glass precipitation crystal, high density of the original filament threads, high cost and other issues, and at the same time, in some special applications can not meet the requirements of strength and so on. The use of thermosetting resin as a matrix, the preparation of composite materials there are secondary processing difficulties, recycling difficulties, can only be used to cut the way of secondary processing, recycling can only be corroded by special chemical solvents and strong oxidizing agents, the effect is less than ideal, although the current has been developed a biodegradable thermosetting resin, but the cost of the problem still needs to be controlled.
3. In the process of fiberglass synthesis with the help of a variety of synthetic technology to prepare a new type of glass fiber composites, in recent years, in order to meet the needs of a variety of special conditions, the development of a variety of surface technology on the surface of the fiberglass to carry out a special modification treatment, surface modification is the new trend in the future of the development of fiberglass composite material preparation technology.
4. The global market demand in the coming period, especially the demand of emerging market countries will still maintain a high growth rate, and the advantages of industry leaders will become more obvious. Fiberglass composites have become one of the main raw materials for the automotive industry, fiberglass thermoplastic materials have a growing trend of application due to their good economy and good recyclability, the application of fiberglass thermoplastic reinforcing materials widely used at this stage, including dashboard bracket, front-end bracket, bumper and engine peripheral parts, to achieve the majority of the parts of the entire car and the sub-structural parts of the cover The application scope of widely used fiberglass thermoplastic reinforcement materials includes instrument panel bracket, front end bracket, bumper and engine peripheral parts, realizing the coverage of most parts and sub-structural parts of the whole car.

Post time: Nov-16-2023