Our standard areal weight is 600gsm,to support customer’s request we accept low MOQ 2000kgs and finished production within 15days.We China beihai fiberglass always put customer at the first place.

E-glass unidirectional fabric, commonly known as UD fabric, is a specialized type of material with unique properties tailored for specific applications. This fabric is primarily composed of E-glass fibers aligned in a single direction, providing exceptional strength and stiffness along that axis. The unidirectional nature of the fabric makes it ideal for reinforcing structures in a targeted manner.

The main purpose of E-glass unidirectional fabric lies in its use as a reinforcement material in composite structures. By strategically placing the fabric in specific orientations, it enhances the mechanical properties of the composite, such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and impact resistance. The unidirectional arrangement ensures that the material’s strength is maximized along the intended load-bearing direction, making it a preferred choice for applications where directional strength is crucial.

E-glass unidirectional fabric’s versatility and customizable nature make it a valuable material in various industries where lightweight, high-strength components are essential for optimal performance and efficiency.

E-glass Uni directional fabric

1. Country:South America


2. Commodity:E-glass Unidirectional fabric 0°,BH-UDL500,Width 1270mm,

3.Usage:Used in boat building

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Sales Manager: Jessica


Post time: Jan-24-2024