Fiberglass Rebar is a spiral wrapped structural reinforcing rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. FRP Rebar has been developed as a non-corrosive alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement and is suitable for any structural or architectural application where a material that is corrosion resistant, lightweight or non-conductive is required.

Concrete Susceptible to Corrosion Tunneling & Mining Building & Historic Preservation Exposure of Concrete to De-Icing Chlorides Masonry Strengthening Exposure of Concrete to Marine Chlorides Exposure of Concrete to High Voltages & Electromagnetic Fields.

Fiberglass  Rebar

Fiberglass Rebar Goods Picture and Loading Picture

Quantity:40′ HQ
Size: Dia: 13/16/19
Length: 6m
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Fiberglass Rebar Packing


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