The current low-altitude economy is accelerating the outbreak of the demand for lightweight, high-strength materials, promoting carbon fiber, fiberglass and other high composite materials to meet market demand.
Low-altitude economy is a complex system with multiple levels and links in the industrial chain, of which raw materials are the key links in the upstream.
Fiberglass reinforced high-performance thermoplastic composites, with lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance and other characteristics, is one of the key materials for lightweight flight carriers, and is expected to be widely used in the field of low-altitude economy.

Fiberglass Industry Overview
Fiberglass are made from natural ores and other chemical raw materials, which are melted and drawn to form a fibrous material with a variety of excellent properties.
Fiberglass is a typical pro-cyclical product with cyclical characteristics and high growth. The demand for glass fiber is closely linked to the macro-economy, and there will be a significant increase in the demand for fiberglass when the economy recovers.
In addition, the cost of abnormal shutdown of fiberglass production line is relatively high, so its production is characterized by supply rigidity. Once the production line is started, it usually runs continuously for 8-10 years.
With excellent performance and design flexibility, as well as progressively lower costs, fiberglass is gradually replacing traditional materials.
Fiberglass can be classified into coarse sand and fine yarn according to its diameter. The coarse sand is mainly used in construction and building materials, transportation, pipes and tanks, industrial applications and new energy and environmental protection, while the fine yarn is mainly used in the production of electronic yarn and industrial yarn, which is an important raw material for printed circuit boards of electronic components.
The production process of fiberglass mainly includes clay crucible method, generation of platinum furnace method and pool kiln drawing method. Among them, the pool kiln drawing method has become the mainstream process of fiberglass production in China because of its simplified process, low energy consumption, low platinum-rhodium alloy, low comprehensive cost and can meet the demand for diversified products and many other advantages, and its technological development has been quite mature.
In the cost structure of fiberglass enterprises, raw materials and energy occupy a considerable proportion. The cost of fiberglass products can be roughly divided into four parts: direct material costs, direct labor costs, energy and power costs and manufacturing costs.

Fiberglass a key material for lightweighting the low-altitude economy

Fiberglass Industry Chain
The global fiberglass industry has formed a complete industrial chain from fiberglass to fiberglass products to fiberglass composites.
The upstream of the fiberglass industry includes chemical raw materials, ore powder and energy supply; the downstream is widely used in construction, electronics, rail transportation, petrochemical and automobile manufacturing and other fields. The downstream application scenarios include cyclical construction and pipe fields, as well as emerging industries with strong growth such as aircraft, automotive lightweight, 5G, wind power, and photovoltaic.
The fiberglass industry can be further subdivided into three major segments such as fiberglass yarn, fiberglass products and fiberglass composites.
Fiberglass products obtained through the preliminary processing of fiberglass yarn, various fiberglass fabrics such as chevron cloth, electronic cloth, and fiberglass nonwoven products.
Fiberglass composites are the deep processing products of fiberglass products, including copper cladding board, fiberglass reinforced plastic and various reinforced building materials. Electronic fiberglass fabric combined with resin can be made into copper-clad boards, which are the basis of printed circuit boards (PCBs), and can subsequently be used in electronic products such as smart phones, computers and tablet PCs.

Post time: May-27-2024