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3.Commodity:E-Glass Milled Fiber  BH-W100  100mesh         

4.Usage: Reinforcement of thermoplastic resins and also for painting applications 

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Sales Manager: Jessica


100mehs E-Glass Milled Fiber with silane sizing

Milled fibeglass are made by grinding raw glass fiber filaments using crushing equipment such as hammer mills or ball mills. The average length of the fiber is 30 to 100 microns, and its cross-sectional area is cylindrical when observed under a microscope. Our milled fibeglass is usually calibrated by fiber length and fiber diameter. Such as EMF-200 refers to alkali-free glass fibers, the average diameter of 7.5 microns, the average length of 80 to 110 microns of ground fiber. Ground glass fibers used as friction materials are chemically treated on the surface to accelerate the penetration of resin and to meet special molding and product performance requirements. Friction materials with ground glass fibers not only have high coefficients of friction, but also have durability, thermal stability, and produce only a slight noise when they come into frictional contact with tightly-fitting parts (such as rotors) and minimize wear on the parts being rubbed. This high-performance friction material can be widely used as automobile brake pads and clutch plates, passenger and freight vehicles, railroad locomotives and various drilling rigs of the brake tiles, stamping equipment and engineering mining machinery friction blocks, as well as lifting machinery, such as conical brake ring. Ground glass fiber can also be used as a functional filler for ABS plastic, so that ABS plastic modification to meet the requirements of plastic processing and product application performance.


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