Building & Construction

1.Building & Construction
Fiberglass offers the advantages of high strength, light weight, aging resistance, good flame resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation, and therefore is widely used in the building and construction field.
Applications: reinforced concrete, composite walls, screen windows and
decoration, FRP steel bars, bathroom and sanitaries, swimming pools, headliners, daylighting panels, FRP tiles, door panels, etc.


Fiberglass offers the advantages of dimensional stability, good reinforcing effect, light weight and corrosion resistance, and therefore is a material of choice for infrastructure materials.
Applications: bridge bodies, docks, waterside building structures, highway pavement and pipelines.


3.Electrical & Electronic
Fiberglass offers the advantages of electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and light weight, and therefore is much preferred in the electrical & electronic fields.
Applications: printed circuit boards, electric appliance hoods, switchgear boxes, insulators, insulating tools, motor end caps and electronic components, etc.


4.Chemical Corrosion Resistance
Fiberglass offers the advantages of good corrosion resistance, good reinforcing effect, ageing and flame resistance, and therefore is widely used in the chemical corrosion resistance field.
Applications: chemical vessels, storage tanks, anti-corrosive geogrids and pipelines.


Compared with traditional materials, fiberglass products have obvious advantages in tenacity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and thermal endurance, and can meet the requirements of vehicles for light weight and high strength. Therefore, its application in transportation is increasing.
Applications: automotive bodies, seats and high-speed train bodies, hull structure, etc.


Fiberglass reinforced composites have the advantages of light weight, high strength, impact resistance and flame retardance, which enable multiple solutions to meet special requirements in the aerospace field.
Applications: aircraft radomes, aerofoil parts & interior floors, doors, seats, auxiliary fuel tanks, engine parts, etc.


7.Energy-saving and Environmental Protection
Fiberglass offers the advantages of heat preservation, thermal insulation, good reinforcing effect and light weight, which makes it an important material in wind energy and environmental protection engineering.
Applications: wind turbine blades and hoods, exhaust fans, geogrids, etc.


8.Sports and Leisure
Fiberglass offers the advantages of light weight, high strength, high design flexibility, excellent processability, low friction coefficient and good fatigue resistance, and therefore is widely used in sporting and leisure products.
Applications: table tennis bats, battledores (badminton rackets), paddle boards, snowboards, golf clubs, etc.