Triaxial Fabric BH-TTX1200,Quadraxial Fabric BH-QXM1900

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Triaxial Fabric BH-TTX1200

Fiberglass composite mat is made of fiberglass untwisted roving for unidirectional parallel arrangement, the outermost layer of composite short-cut into a certain length of glass fiber yarn or short-cut mat, with organic fiber sewing and become.
Fiberglass multi-axial fabric is a kind of non-curling, with multi-axial and multi-layer structure of the reinforcing material. The number of layers, axial direction, grammage, and specific fiber weight of each layer varies depending on its own application. Each layer is sewn together with polyester yarns. The fabrics can be manufactured by using different combinations of multiple orientations (0°, 90°, +45°, -45°) or by stitching them with nonwoven materials such as short-cut fibers or thin mats. Typical applications for these products include wind energy, marine/shipbuilding, fiberglass molds, pultruded profiles, leisure/entertainment products, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries, to name a few.

Triaxial Fabric Series
The conventional angles of this series of products are 0/+45°/-45° and +45°/90/-45°, while the angle can be adjusted within 30°~80, and the total grammage ranges from 450g/m2~2000g/m2, with the option of adding a short-cut layer (50~500g/m2) or a composite layer, and the product’s maximum width can be up to 101 inches. The products are mainly used in the fields of wind turbine blades, shipbuilding, transportation and sports facilities.

Transverse Triaxial

Quadriaxial Fabric Series
The conventional angle of this series of products is 0°/+45″/-45°/90°, and the angle can be adjusted within 30~80, the total grammage range is generally 400g/m2~2000g/m2, and optional short-cut layer (50~500g/m2), or composite layer, the maximum width of the product can be up to 101 inches. The products are mainly used in wind turbine blades, shipbuilding, pipelines and chemical containers.

Quadraxial Fabric

Product Features
1、Good workmanship of spreading, good followability to molds
2、Stable resin flow rate (vacuum infusion process
3、Good resin compatibility, no white silk after curing products.

Product Specification
Type: unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial, quadraxial.
Width: Maximum 2.54 meters, can also be slit into strips.
Grammage: 300~ 2000g/square meter.
Roll length: can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

E-glass Fiberglass stitched combo mat

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3. Commodity:E-glass Fiberglass stitched combo mat

4. Usage:Used in boat building

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