The fiberglass filter cloth produced has a dust removal efficiency of more than 99.9% after film coating, which can achieve ultra-clean emission of ≤5mg/Nm3 from the dust collector, which is conducive to the green and low-carbon development of the cement industry. 
During the production process of cement, a large amount of dust with high temperature, high humidity and corrosive gas will be generated. The fiberglass filter material can eliminate smoke and dust, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-condensation. The emergence of fiberglass filter media has brought improvement opportunities for the green development of the cement industry.

Application of fiberglass composite materials in environmental protection, photovoltaic, wind energy, construction, automobile, communication, civil and other fields. Among them, fiberglass filter material is one of the key areas of its deep cultivation.

Successfully developed various types of environmental protection filter bags: GF filter bags (fiberglass), PTFE filter bags (polytetrafluoroethylene), PPS filter bags (polyphenylene sulfide), polyester filter bags, etc. Among them, the GF environmental protection filter bag uses glass fiber filter cloth as the carrier, composite ePTFE membrane, and finally processed into a finished filter bag, which has the characteristics of outstanding temperature resistance, high filtration accuracy, long cleaning cycle, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. 
With the gradual standardization of terminal applications, GF filter bags have achieved good application results at the end of the cement kiln, and with the optimization and improvement of the dust removal process at the cement kiln head, the filtration wind speed of some kiln heads has dropped to 0.8 m/min or below, and the smoke The reduction of large particles in the air has greatly reduced the impact on the membrane-coated filter material, and the application of GF filter bags in the cement kiln head is gradually replacing other materials.

Post time: Jun-22-2022