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  • Super Flame Retardant Sun Screen Fabric

    Trevira cs yarns:
    origin of the German,Trevira GMBH, by modifying the material inside the polymer,

    A polymer is formed in the chain of inflaming retarding molecules,could't been separated,

    The flame retardant modifier remains in the polymer permanently,to achieve permanent flame retardant performance.

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  • Polyester Sunscreen Fabrics

    (1) PVC Coated Polyester Fiber Sunscreen Fabrics Are Good Flexibility, Mainly Use Indoors. Such As Office Building,Business Building,Hotels,Modern Home Decoration.

    (2) Tailor ability: PVC Coated Polyester Fiber Sunscreen Fabrics, Suitable For Applying Cold Knives And Hot Knives. Even Though Using The Cold Knife Does Not Lead To A Spreading Edge.

    (3)Toughness: Polyester Fibers Are Good Flexibility, Which Is Much Better Than Fiberglass. When Making To Rolling Curtains, Fiberglass Often Been Curved, Good Flexibility Is The Important Index To Ensure The Curtains' Quality .

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  • Fiberglass SunScreen Fabrics
    (1)fiberglass sunscreen fabric,Good flame retardancy,High strength and elongation is small.Mainly suitable for indoor use(special),outdoor use,canopy use.
    (2)flame retardant property:Flame redardant grade up to GB8624-2012 standards Grade B1;NPF92-503 M1,suitable for high quality engineering of fire prevention requirement.
    (3)high tensile strength:suitable for the system of great tension,hang high engineering projects as well.
    (4)High tensile strength:much more suitable for outdoor use and canopy use,resist bad weather.
    (5)small elongation :Make the finished product less deformed over a long time.
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  • Zebra Sunscreen Fabrics
    SunScreen Fabric Made of thermoplastic plastic (PVC, PP, PET) coated or coated textile fiber (polyester industrial yarn, glass fiber yarn or yarn) to form a coating, then by weaving, coating, stereotypes, sub processes of forming fabric, fabric after cut, cut, glue, paste, sewing, binding, wear, pressure the welding process, the formation of architectural shading products, to keep the sun light, and allow a portion of the visible light into the interior, to building insulation and indoor lighting, viewing the double function. 
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  • Skylight Fabrics

    1)wholly fiberglass shading fabrics,flame retardant,strength,Elongation and self-cleaning are much better.Mainly use in canopy,

    or other some public areas required higher flame retardant. 
    (2)flame retardant:flame retardant grade could up to DIN 4102 grade A2
    (3)No pvc contained,the surface has the coating of self-cleaning function,and the products' elongation is very low.

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